Griddle for migliaccciole

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Description: Iron griddle for migliacciole is a traditional cooking utensil from Corsica. Placed on the fire or the stove, both plates should be heated sufficiently and then oiled. Pour on the first plate a ball of dough (wheat flour dough with crumbled cheese, chestnut flour paste, etc.), and crush the dough with the second plate to obtain a sear cooking on both sides of the pancake.

Entirely made respecting the tradition, these griddles must be treated in the same way as old pans. They must build up residue before the first use, to do so you have to heat it on fire with multiple applications of oil. It will create this black and fat coating which is protective and non-stick, characteristic of the old utensils. After use, it is important to gently clean them with a wooden spatula and a soapy sponge, without aggressively scratching the black coating.
Details: Baking sheet thickness 2 mm
Forged suspension ring
Riveted handle
Rivets flattened on the baking side
Tongue and notch to facilitate the superposition of the plates
Total length 70 cm - Plate diameter 20.5 cm - Handle 50 cm
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Colissimo for France: 48h
International Colissimo: 4 to 8 days according to the country 

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